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Our Mission

Our aim is to give our customers the support they need to quickly feel at home and at ease in Hamburg. We achieve this by using our long term experience, our excellent network and profound local knowledge in order to advise and consult each customer individually.


Birgit Dorn, the founder of manger mobil, has moved a lot in her life. So she knows exactly what needs to be done in a move and how to avoid stress.

1997 she saw that a lot of people have to go through the efforts of moving alone. This means a lot of wasted time, money and energy to the individual as well as to the company. The idea of manager mobil was born.

Since then manager mobil has developed considerably. A lot of new services have been added – such as seminars and welcome service. Thanks to the alround service and the high profesionality a lot of well known companies trust the service of manager mobil for years now.