Successful integration is the basis for a perfect start

Manager mobil offers tailor-made services and assists customers with clearing the first hurdles in their new surroundings without problems. In only a short time, barriers are overcome and people new to Hamburg find their way quickly and easily.

Orientation tours – the first impression is most important

The individual orientation tour gives a first impression about Hamburg. Families and their consultant visit different residential districts and can find out where they would like to live. They learn about the costs of housing and social structure in the various areas. We explain the respective infrastructure, give tips about cultural activities, and provide information about schools and kindergartens.

Also, during the orientation tour you have the opportunity to try very practical things like using public transportation, going shopping, getting to know cultural facilities, etc. Questions arising during this meeting can be dealt with and answered at once. This may help to reduce existing fears and shyness regarding a new and unfamiliar environment.

Seminars – the right entrance into new surroundings

These seminars address customers that are in Hamburg for the first time. Life in another country and a big city like Hamburg often precipitates a lot of questions. We perform individual trainings based on the origins and cultural background of the customers. Participants learn quickly about Hamburg lifestyles and can adapt to their new life quickly.

Welcome Service – individual consultancy around the clock.

Manager mobil offers special attention to your selected business partners - a special service to those people that are of the most importance to your company. Whether business partners or (potential) new employees and their families – we take care of your guests and assure that their visit to Hamburg is a complete and memorable success.